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Web analytics services made a great strides to collect information about the visitor. Services like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics analyze aggregated information from all sites that use them. The analytics are able not only to make a history of visits, but also a portrait of the user, even in an anonymous browser session, when connected to Tor and/or VPN and cookies are disabled. Modern analytical algorithms, using Fingerprint technology, can associate different web surfing sessions based on the similarity of requests, the same time zone, DNS server, version and locale of OS, screen resolution etc. This establishes a correspondence between the private session and the real user of the network.

Despite the fact that the most sites use the collection and analysis of data on users to build the most effective marketing policy only, such a reality certainly jeopardizes the user's privacy, his anonymity, in many aspects, the practical meaning of VPN and Tor is lost. In the struggle for privacy, an effective solution is only a complete ban on accessing the hosts of the web analytics.

The simplest and most effective way to ban access to a host is to write it to the Hosts file of OS. The request to the hosts recorded in the Hosts file goes bypass the DNS server. The request to a host will not be executed if the Hosts file contains a non-existent IP address.

On this site you will find scripts for different operating systems that override the non-existent IP address ( for the web counters, trackers and analytics hosts.